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Following the loss in the Second Persian invasion of Greece in 479 BC, the Persians eventually withdrew from their European territories, including from what is today the Republic of Macedonia.

In 356 BC Philip II of Macedon absorbed Philip's son Alexander the Great conquered the remainder of the region, and incorporated it in his empire, reaching as far north as Scupi, but the city and the surrounding area remained part of Dardania.

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The majority of the residents are ethnic Macedonians, a South Slavic people.

Albanians form a significant minority at around 25 percent, followed by Turks, Romani, Serbs, and others.

Macedonia remained a constituent socialist republic within Yugoslavia until its peaceful secession in 1991.

The Romans conquered the region in the second century BC and made it part of the much larger province of Macedonia.

Τhe area remained part of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire, and was often raided and settled by Slavic peoples beginning in the sixth century of the Christian era.

Although one of the poorest countries in Europe, Macedonia has made significant progress in developing an open, market-based economy.

whilst the northwest was inhabited by the Dardani and the southwest by tribes known historically as the Enchelae, Pelagones and Lyncestae; the latter two are generally regarded as Molossian tribes of the northwestern Greek group, whilst the former two are considered Illyrian.

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