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All of you people who think you're ever so clever to have a giant cheesy fuck fest are moronic and childish.

While I understand that this is fiction and we can do what ever the fuck we want with it, please you morons THINK, in real life and even in the manga, it is the rare two girls who would ever willingly consent to share a single guy.

A wise friend once told me that we have two choices when we get baggage like that, we can either let it weigh us down or use it to build character.

If any of you have read my Fallen leaves story you should get the basics of what I'm talking about.

why do you feel that just because she's a girl it automatically equals straight hair.

Third personality, almost all Fem Naruto fics I've read you all make her soft and liking of the dick-less king of emo's.

i must ask you all, what are you smoking and were can i get some?

a fem Naruto is going to have the same kind of relation ship with Sasuke as a male Naruto would have.

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Fourth Henge's, Naruto weather male or female does not strike me as the type of person who would hide who they were. So why i ask you would a female Naruto pretend to be a boy for twelve years. again what are you people smoking and were can i get my hands on some, i need to drug my teachers.

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