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Now there are kind of a few key things about this i Phone X plus that is going to be a little different. Even on the rear it's a vertical dual lens in that same sweet spot. Okay, so let's continue, we've got a couple more calls to get through and they're good ones. There's an AT& T commercial that shows these beautiful photos taken with the i Phone 8 or i Phone X the portrait mode monostage lighting I don't know about you all, but my pictures look absolutely nothing like that, not even close.

First of all, Some of the rumblings, at least according to Bloomberg, this has not been confirmed yet but they do believe that the i Phone X will have dual sims in it. It makes it easier to travel internationally depending on which carriers are bouncing around. Right now, the only, if I'm right, the only Apple product has an e SIM in it right now is the Apple Watch Series 3 but it's not as compatible internationally. They are looking at it but according to their port that's not set in stone. If you didn't know any better, and without a doubt from a distance, this looks like an i Phone ten. So I'm not sure if they [LAUGH] took that with an i Phone 10, they also obviously did lots of Photoshop work afterwards. I'm trying to find that video on You Tube, but I can't find the AT& T commercial.

So, you got people that will fight about what camera's the best on the phone. But right now, DXL Mark says the Galaxy S9 Plus dual lens camera is the best. With the series three, I'm like dude, it wasn't good enough. [LAUGH] Yeah, I saw you many times wearing it and it wasn't turned on. So I'd let everybody know this could be a new kind of [UNKNOWN] bad apple for you.

There's a photo that is showing this person holding it. So we're talking about the phones that aren't up to speed. Where the blades of the lens close or open like this, depending on which aperture you want. Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, you know how we keep it munchy. They've always been like second or third to a ball game. So, for instance like there are kinds of smartphones before the i Phone. And the other thing is, my nose still hurts, because I have a client that has glass walls just like Apple. [LAUGH] So hopefully you guys are laughing it up about this, have a great weekend. [LAUGH] Yeah that's dangerous man, walking into walls. Hey, Siri, set a reminder to listen to the Apple Byte Extra Crunchy every Thursday night. I didn't mean to talk over you I said no prob, my pleas Pleas. But before we get to the actual show remember you guys and gals were either watching live or we have call ins all the time. The fact that there's going to be three new i Phones in 2018. Real quick.>> Okay, okay.>> So queue one. You look like my friend, Matthew, [UNKNOWN] the same. But I think the Samsung Galaxy S9's PPI is somewhere around 560 or so. So we'll move forward and hey that's what it's gonna be. There were a boat load of phones but how can we talk about in Mobile World Congress without talking about, I guess we'll talk about the S9 in a second. Dude, even the advertisment looks like an Apple advertisment, with all the colors and the swirling. All right, so let's talk about kinda the meat and potatoes from Mobile World Congress. Now I'm not gonna get into all the specific specs about the Galaxy S9. Some people don' put a lot into them as well because it just seems like every time a new camera comes out, they raise the score level. [UNKNOWN] Bradley MKBHD did a breakdown of what a Dx OMark score really means, and what they do is they have professionals Score these phones as an aggregate score, and there is no, 100 is not the best score, okay? They called that their highest score they've ever given to any still photo camera. Every [INAUDIBLE] user is just is gonna be like, I don't believe you DXOMARK until the i Phone 11 is the top. Didn't you say, Beach, that they also do it in Amazon Prime. Cool Okay so, this guy, it's so funny because I've never tried this out. [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] I mean, I was trying to be all tough. [LAUGH] You do a good millennial pose, millennials don't smile, they just, this is how they take pictures. So, they are still bringing a sharper screen, even though like to our naked eyes it's a little tricky, a little difficult to tell the difference. Also we know that if we're gonna stick kind of on this theme of phones, We can't ignore that Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain happen this week. It's crazy, but yeah, it does look like an i Phone. You can pretty much look at that everywhere on our site. So if you're like, this hit the 100 mark, that's not how DXL marks scores, phones can get higher than the 100 mark. When it came to video It was scored out of 91, surprise, surprise, the Pixel 2 was actually at least up to this point the highest scoring mobile camera when it comes to video at a 96. The highest rated smart phone camera we have ever tested. Another great camera whatever but It��s a big deal, everyone wants a good picture, wants to be able to just take out their phone and take a quick picture without having to worry about it alot. I just wanna say that, Andrea [UNKNOWN] says that he��s still here listening to the show. Yeah there's an option in the Amazon Prime it'll just a play a whole season so you don't have to get up or use a remote or do anything, it'll just play which is fantastic. It unearthed some deep-rooted issues that everyone has. Yea, I mean when my kids are watching pot-patrol, I don't have to get up and start every episode. And I'm like okay I'm just going to try the selfie camera stuff out and like I totally agree. Well there's that girl, the girls don't smile no more in pictures.

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