9 year old reveals dating secrets

That way, your partner's likely to have "a little more compassion and empathy." Caitlin Weaver, 29, is banking on this.After breaking off her engagement to her fiancé and canceling the wedding earlier this year, Weaver, who runs a financial research institute in New York, started an anonymous blog about her newfound singledom."Instead of dropping a bomb and watching the person sit there and absorb the information, say that if you didn't see the relationship going somewhere, you wouldn't have said anything," she explains.It's perfectly acceptable to tell your partner you're nervous about how your big reveal might impact the relationship, she adds.

"But the problem is that now I have started dating someone, and I've been blogging about him." Her solution?(Life Wire) -- After a long stint of online dating, Gemma Halliday had finally found the needle in the haystack she'd been looking for: an attractive, gainfully employed guy with "nothing weird or scary about him" -- or so she thought. "It was very 'Desperate Housewives.' In the back of my mind it was like, 'What happens if she wakes up?"He seemed really nice," the 31-year-old romance novelist from Los Gatos, California, says of her first phone call with the suitor. ' " When to drop the bomb As strange as the news was, Halliday appreciated his honesty.To stop blogging about her boyfriend (although she still blogs about other aspects of her life) and fess up that she did."We weren't serious when we started dating," says Weaver, who has been with her beau a couple of months and hopes the back story -- that she started her blog as a way to "process" how she feels about dating -- will help soften the blow.

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