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Different people have different needs in different times of their lives.

It can be totally different for you, and that’s alright too.

Putting the two back together, actually realising that there is no separation at all, it is still a work in progress for me.

At the moment, for me, the spiritual dimension of sexuality has to do with having and not giving into mechanical, soulless sexual connection.

Without this strong bond, from my experience so far, it just doesn’t work well for my standards.

If for a while, you just want to have one night stands and physical, just for fun sex, of course you can do that too.

There have been times when joking about my not having sex months was the favorite topic. In Romanian there is a saying for this: an experience that is as deep and lasting as a fire made of straws.

Tuning in with my gut feeling and what feels right in the moment became easier and easier to do when interacting with men.Its English equivalent : it is only a flash in the pan.Of course, on a rational level I knew that, we all “know” that, but somehow we give in to the hope that “this time is going to be different, better, lasting…”.It started from a joke, a challenge with a friend of mine who said he was going to stay for at least 30 days away from having sex with a new partner to make sure there is a strong emotional and mental connection before going to the physical one.I took the challenge and I said I was going to do the same so we can hold each other accountable.

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Because I didn’t stop meeting with men all together. This approach opened up the space for wonderful hugging and cuddling sessions with close friends.

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