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Never lose sight of the fact that the strong-willed student can change the world as a strong-willed adult.

Identifies common ADHD-related learning problems plus practical classroom techniques, interventions, and the latest research to enhance school success for students with ADHD.

Provides many specific teaching strategies that may foster the ADHD student's motivation. Evaluation Discipline under Section 504 How do I file a complaint about my school or school district?

Solicit a student’s input when creating any strategy.

This compilation is the prioritized consensus of their most effective classroom accommodations (finding drawn from data collection).

Organized by physical, instructional and behavioural accommodations for ADHD students. He goes over 9 principals followed by his detailed management recommendations. Author of The ADD Hyperactivity Workbook for Parents, Teachers, and Kids and The ADD Hyperactivity Handbook for Schools.

Allow students to answer questions out loud, or fill in the blanks. Give credit for work done instead of just taking away points for late or partial assignments.

Provide folders and baskets of supplies to keep desk organized. Give extra time and quieter space for work and tests.

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There are many ways teachers can help children with learning and attention issues succeed in school.

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