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We won’t go out of business when the times get tough, like some other factoring companies regretfully have in the past.Every factoring company has a preference for size, industry, and risk.We have a vast network of industry colleagues that we’ve built over 20 years in the business.So, when you take the time to explain your needs to us, we can be the “one stop shop” to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.We are veterans in this industry and can provide additional business guidance and resources as needed.We establish a mutual risk tolerance to avoid putting you in the position to ever have to buy back an invoice.Our factoring agreement is like carrying a credit card in your pocket.You carry it to use when you need it but don’t sign an agreement which will force you into factoring when you don’t need it. When you apply, you are provided a transparent, no obligation rate proposal with the fee for your company.

Everyone claims they have the simplest rate structure in the industry, no long-term contracts, same day funding, no up-front fees, no monthly minimums or maximums, etc., etc., etc.Most factoring companies will allow you to pick & choose customers to factor, however they usually have a minimum amount before they’ll work with you.With us, you can pick & choose what to factor on an invoice by invoice basis with no minimum.It’s impossible for you to know which company is the best fit for you.By contacting us, we can save you a tremendous amount of time by helping you find the best match for your business - whether it’s with us or another company.

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