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Music by: Nancy Kerr (x2) - The Roving Crows - Reg Meuross - Hadrian’s Union - Auld Hats New Heids - Devils Water - Georgia Lewis - Solasta - Daniel Nestlerode - Mondegreen - Merry Hell - Christine Weir - Shake The Chains.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: The 5-8 Set Story Behind My Song: Wandering Winnie presented by Stew Simpson A ton of great new sounds from the Folkosphere to share with you, plus there’s nudity... with a cuckoo, and there’s an Insanely Mental Instrumental that will drive Homer Simpson crazy, and there are a trio of new songs inspired by classics.

Music by: David Stevenson - Mawkin - Simon Nicol & Dave Swarbrick - The Duncan Mc Farlane Acoustic Band - The Detonators - Elder Charlie Beck - Ian Carmichael - The Lancashire Hotpots - Jenna - Al Stewart - Paul J.

Openshaw - Ross Ainslie - The Ragman's Band - Beverley Martyn - Richard Thompson - Nelson's Wake - Jack The Lad - Merry Hell - Dana And Susan Robinson - The Ancient Brettons - Jake Island - John Tams & Barry Coope - Stooshie - Rab Noakes.

Story Behind My Song: The Dear Green Place, presented by Alan Reid Young Goths In The Necropolis, presented by Findlay Napier Landlord, presented by Jim Page Music by: Bob Hillary & The Massive Mellow - Marek Dusil Blend - Banter - Magpie Lane - Richard Thompson - Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - Trouble At Mill - Pilgrim’s Way - Skullthuggery - Ken Nicol - Blackthorn Band - James Parkin - Hope In High Water - Red Shoes - The Foxglove Trio Story Behind My Song: Treachery At The Blue Anchor, presented by Graham Dixon Lullabye, presented by James Parkin Insanely Mental Instrumental: The First Straw Help yourself to another collection of tangy and tasty choice pickings from the musical buffet that we call 'folk'.Music by: The Deadly Winters (x2) - Greg Hancock - Neil Brophy - Merry Hell - Findlay Napier - Andy Harding - Alan Reid and Rob van Sante - New Celeste - Frigg - Skippinish - Thursday’s Child - Alison & Jack - Dougal’s Jumper - The Young ‘Uns.Story Behind My Song: Little Piece Of Tin, presented by Andy Harding Love & Freedom, presented by Iain Fergus Joyce, presented by Ken Punshon Insanely Mental Instrumental: Friggin' Polska A focus on new singles from singer-songwriters and indie-folk bands, plus chamber folk, dance instrumentals and trad. Music by: Mancunia - Elijah James And The Nightmares - Gallery 47 - Speak, Brother - Richard Sutton - Michael James & The Bedheads - Jay Ebby East - Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble - The Twisted Twenty - The Routes Quartet - Magpie Lane - Will Pound - Karin Grandal-Park and Karl Robbins - Banter - Georgia Lewis. Music by: Siobhan Miller - Nigel Brown - Elephant Sessions - David Hershaw & Sandie Forbes - Ian Bland - Bert Jansch - Pairdown - Apples …We celebrate our 150th regular show with The Great Folkie Booze Up, a programme full to the brim with music all about the demon drink.So, charge your glasses and say cheers to Folk Cast 150!

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