American idol pia dating dancing with the stars

Check out our video exit interview with Pia below, then head to the comments to share your thoughts.

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"He actually reminds me a lot of my family -- being at home.

Plus, Pia’s niche as a singer of “big power ballads” makes her so different from the remaining seven vocalists that Warwick doesn’t necessarily view her as their direct competition in the post-]? “It’s not unfair in any way.” Season 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle agreed with Warwick’s position.

After failing to land an introduction, Toscano, according to TMZ, then took matters into her own hands and had a friend pass her phone number along to another friend who was close to contestant and WWE wrestler Chris Jericho -- who then handed it off to Ballas.

Ballas reportedly rescheduled a music video shoot in order to take Toscano on their date -- which went "great" and is expected to result in the pair going out together again, on Monday.

“It doesn’t bother me in the least to see Pia get that opportunity,” she said.

“And actually, had it happened in my season that they hooked up [ninth-place finisher] Gina Glocksen with a — particularly if Hines Ward had been a contestant.

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