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General - Barrens] [Player 6] WHERE IS MANKRIKS WIFE?!?!! While some find it annoying, many older players remember Barrens chat with fond nostalgia. General - Barrens] [Player 5] sftu player 6, shes in my bedroom And so on.This banter refers mainly to the chat in the Barrens, but can also refer to similar non-game-related chatter in other zones. In such cases, however, the name "Barrens chat" is replaced with a title appropriate to the specific zone.

Kevin Rogers is one of my favourite webcam boys at Gay Cam Shows.Moreover, the addition of a flightpath in Camp Taurajo has eliminated the need to make long runs and subsequently addressed most of the boredom that leads to Barrens chat. Trade] [6] ARE THE KIDS STAYING HOME FROM SCHOOL TODAY?! Trade] [11] is recruiting 08s only plz pst me mor moare ifo [2. Trade] [10] Like yop mommas recorded porn hehehehehe noooooobs! In addition, the Ghostlands offer another option for leveling through the teens. Trade] [12] Well [6] if you think trade sucks and ur just gonna ignore every1 why not just /leave the channel NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!! Some servers manage to keep it alive in their own way, but with the introduction of the Random Dungeon system, characters level 15 and higher spend their time leveling through dungeons, so the Barrens is fairly, well, barren now. General - Barrens] [Player 2] losers like starbust [1. Consequently, most of the new Horde population is stuck here for 10 or so levels.There's always the wait in the queue for DPS classes, and the grind from 10 to 15 for those characters without high-level friends to run them through low-level instances, but the occurrences of Barrens chat are much rarer than before. General - Barrens] [Player 1] Anyone here like metalica? General - Barrens] [Player 2] Metallica sucks and ur a noob! General - Barrens] [Player 3] all metal bands suck, u guys are both ghey. General - Barrens] [Player 2] %#[email protected] u, u just listen to rap crap and think ur so cool [1. General - Barrens] [Player 4] I bet your mom is a loser [1. The Barrens is a large and desolate area, branching into other leveling areas such as Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, Thousand Needles, and back to Durotar towards Orgrimmar.

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