Android validating a url

Samsung Internet for Android provides support for 3rd party extensions that let users customize their web browsing experience.

We are constantly seeking for more services that can be integrated to further improve user experience.

Samsung Internet for Android provides a development mode for web content provider, so you can test your app during the development phase.

If you launch the settings menu in development mode, you will be able to add and test your web content provider extension app even if it is not validated.

When a user opens a web page that belongs to a URL host in your white-list, Samsung Internet for Android will send you the URL and meta data of the web page.

Samsung Internet for Android provides an “Extensions” menu, where users can view the list of available extension apps and enable/disable them.You will get the following events when the user visits or leaves a web site that is in your white-list. The domain of the intent action ‘SBROWSER_VIEW_FOR_EXTERNAL_APP’ was changed from ‘android.intent.action’ to ‘’ due to the platform limitation (from Android O OS).Intent intent = new Intent(); Action("sbrowser.webcontentsprovider. To preserve backward compatibility, 3rd party application need to check interface version of installed Samsung Internet to use valid intent action.If you are parsing string data from the console or similar, the best way is to use regular expressions.Read more on that here: Articles/releases/1.4regex/ Otherwise, to parse an int from a string, try Integer.parse Int(string).

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