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He redeemed himself after his airline mishap by appearing on as a Chuck Yeager-voiced Captain Steve Rogers of American Airlines, apologizing for inconveniencing “Mr. an American treasure,” who was playing “not any game, mind you, but a word game, for smart people.”Still, you never hear about Tom Hanks running afoul of a flight attendant, and if George Clooney gets arrested outside the Sudanese Embassy, it’s because he wants to make a point, not because he has lost his cool. But Baldwin grew up a world away from his current Manhattan milieu.So Baldwin carries a special burden among his peers in this regard, and his friends seem aware that, well … ” And here Klein breaks off and pauses to compose her thoughts before continuing: “He’s not a phony. He was raised in middle-class Massapequa, New York, a two-sides-of-the-tracks town an hour from Midtown on Long Island’s South Shore.

The case is pending in court, and a lawyer for Sabourin, Maurice Sercarz, says it will show that contact between the two was “more extensive than Mr.

He greets me with a firm handshake and a friendly intensity, like a Labrador with grown-up manners who hasn’t forgotten what it felt like to be a pup, and we duck inside.“Baldwin,” my host says to a slightly befuddled security guard at the desk.

“There should be two tickets for Alec Baldwin.”“Alan Baldwin?

(“I am prum -tone,” Baldwin says, affectionately mimicking what you’d hear if you asked her where she’s from.) They met early last year when she caught Baldwin’s eye at a Manhattan vegan restaurant called Pure Food and Wine. She is, Baldwin says somewhat proudly, the sort of person who has never seen an episode of .

He also hosts a sharp bi-monthly podcast from WNYC radio, “Here’s the Thing,” in which he interviews people ranging from Chris Rock to Joseph Stiglitz.

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