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" The diplomat promised to pay for video-copying equipment and a laptop computer so the insider could communicate by e-mail. Ogaick said his contact needed "proof that 17 had men in her room. If the guards could get incriminating video tape, Mr. One of their personal waiters was injured in a fall while trying to escape from the upper floors of the hotel by tying bedsheets together, the BBC reported in November of 1998. The Cairo newspaper Al-Ahram reported that in February of 2000, Princess Hend was sentenced in absentia by an Egyptian court to a one-year prison term for failing to pay a .5-million (U. BBC Cairo correspondent Heba Saleh reported in February of 2001 that Princess Hend continually ignored court summonses. "We were at the post outside the room and they were dragged in.

The couple and their retinue have been at the centre of allegations of mistreatment of their servants and strong-arm behaviour by their security guards. Lemieux said he remembers the time several of Princess Hend's guards beat three waiters on the soles of their feet.

Relatively short life expectancy, as well as low level of education and poor health care are also describe such kind of population age distribution model.

Source: The estimation data for section "Saudi Arabia age structure" is based on the latest demographic and social statistics by United Nations Statistics Division .

His goal was to get information about the allegedly decadent and bizarre life of Prince Turki bin Abdel Aziz, brother of Saudi King Fahd, and his wife Princess Hend al Fassi. Antinick said Princess Hend would send him to buy gifts for one of her male visitors. She had a lot of influence." Tim Oliver, a former guard who worked at the main security desk by the elevators on Princess Hend's floor, said "She had a couple of boyfriends, actually. But when she would go into a room and she would lock the door and they wouldn't come out for three or four days, or he doesn't anyway . There would be "lots of $$" if the guards could get video proof the princess had male visitors, Mr. Lemieux from the Canadian embassy in Riyadh, the Saudi capital. Ogaick was operating alone, without the knowledge of his superiors. Ogaick's actions violated the government's conduct code. "So any help they [the guards]can provide in getting info would be more than compensated for," Mr. "This is just to let you know that they will pay for info and pay well. "When she was having these all-night parties, she was inviting these famous singers from Lebanon," Mr. About 35 security guards and other foreign staff members, including nine Canadians, quit three years ago when one of the guards, an Austrian, was allegedly handcuffed and beaten with a coat hanger by Princess Hend.

A royal couple in self-imposed exile on the banks of the Nile. Contacted by telephone in Dubai, where he has business interests, he said "I'm not going to tell you anything about anything." He referred all questions to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, saying "they are the people who prepared to be involved." Asked if he had run an intelligence operation for Canada or for Saudi authorities, Mr. I cannot talk to you on the phone for obvious reasons, just know things will happen quickly if we can get this info." In early April of 1999, Mr. Lemieux that the guards inside the hotel need not copy tapes the princess had made if it seemed too dangerous. Lemieux reported that a guard on the inside was willing to help. Princess Hend was 17 and Prince Turki was 15.) "Pull out all the stops. Nine video cameras and several microphones were hidden throughout his suite.

All are key ingredients in an espionage tale with a rogue Canadian diplomat on a mysterious mission at its centre. Of course, the prince didn't know." One of her callers was a singer, said another guard, Steve David of Oshawa, Ont. Ogaick arranged three payments totaling ,500 (U. Ogaick, who was the first secretary in charge of administration, suggests in his e-mails that he is working on behalf of a senior member of the Saudi establishment who is concerned about the king's brother. Ogaick said "I wasn't running anything for anybody." He then hung up. But by providing information "to us on a daily or weekly basis they will be well looked after, as you will be acting as a contact in this endeavour." Without revealing the identity of his Saudi contact, Mr. "Everything that was in his suite was videotaped or microphoned, which he wouldn't have known about," Mr. If the prince would leave his suite for a period of time, Princess Hend would send her staff of electronic technicians in to install more cameras or microphones, Mr. Princess Hend had a set of monitors in her own bedroom and she watched what went on in Prince Turki's suite "while she was getting her hair and nails done," Steve David said.

The groups are the same as we used above: population under 15, between 15 and 64 and population which is over 65 year old.

Note: The pyramid provided is not corresponding to data given above because the age groups have different number of years.

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anything which can prove she was entertaining men while 15 was out of it." (Code numbers were assigned to the royal family members based on the number of their hotel suites. According to six former security guards, Prince Turki, in his late 60s, and Princess Hend, in her 40s, live on the top three floors of the Cairo hotel overlooking the Nile. The waiters and maids were treated "really badly," Mr. I really didn't want to stand there and watch it," Mr. "I walked out, but it went on for a considerable period of time." Several of the guards said Princess Hend kept Prince Turki under 24-hour electronic surveillance.

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