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Her favorite musical artists are currently Florence and the Machine, Black Keys, Gillian Welch, Sam Cooke, Bonnie Raitt, Caribou, Willie Nelson, Eagles and Sam Smith.One of the USA’s most skillful attackers and goal scorers, she (and her hair) gained instant fame for sending in the cross that Abby Wambach headed home in the dying seconds of extra time against Brazil in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup quarterfinal …After one year playing State ODP, the family scrapped it, as it was just too far away.Even club practices were a three-hour trek, which often meant the two sisters just stayed at home and played themselves.It was disgusting –it was a chicken coop – but you could kind of get in there and we loved it.” Denise, Rapinoe’s mom, relied on her “wicker whistle” to call the sisters home.“Whenever she wanted us to come inside, she’d put her pinkies in her mouth – it was so loud, you could just hear it forever.

While no direct information from Abby via a reputable news source confirms this information, the consistent information suggests one thing: It’s a very strong possibility that Abby Wambach is homosexual.

In Lyon, playing for Olympique Lyonnais, she visited museums and opera houses, walked cobblestone streets, raced her Smart Car against the men’s teams Ferarris and Maserrattis.

In Seattle, she lived on Capitol Hill, which she describes as “gay-friendly, straight-friendly, trans-friendly, everything friendly,” a place “where you never had to think about [sexuality] ever, which is really important to me.” Pinoe says, “I’ve loved living in different places.

There is no confirmation on any front, so rather than continue pure speculation, we’ll leave it alone for now, and leave soccer fans to continue rejoicing in her extra time goal against Brazil.

FAMILY TIES Growing up in rural Palo Cedro, near Redding, California, Megan Rapinoe was one of six kids. “There’s a ton of us - so many different personalities – everyone has their own thing going on, so much of it going on.” Megan and her twin sister Rachael were the youngest, and they had a Tom Sawyer-like childhood.

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