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where in you will know every single details on how the code works.If you are new to back-end web development, this tutorial is for you.

VS2013 Community is free in any case your license has expired on Ultimate or if you didn’t availed one.

This assures that if the array size grows past 32767 elements when maintaining the program that the index variable can still address all elements in the array.

When walking an array, always use the VBA LBound and UBound functions to visit each item. If the expression evaluates to False, VBA enters Break mode as if a breakpoint had been set on that line.

What will be doing is a simple If ever you are an experienced programmer with a little background on C# and stumbled upon online tutorials, most likely you are referred to just creating the built-in internet application template of Visual Studio which is very complicating to understand.

Be it the MVC, Web API, Single Page, etc, Visual Studio has it made as a template. So I made this article for beginners, explained everything and built from scratch.

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Warning: The file is approximately 5GB so make sure to have a good internet connection regardless if you got the ISO or the small EXE installer. We’ll not dig deep into it but in a nutshell, what the controller does is we process all the logic here.

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