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She returned to her city of birth to attend the University of Petrograd, graduating in 1924, and then enrolled at the State Institute for Cinema Arts to study screenwriting.

Granted a visa to visit relatives in Chicago, Alissa left for the United States in early 1926, never to look back.

While the criticisms have come from professors who are not fans of Rand’s philosophy, they stress that their objection has nothing to do with this particular book, and that they would have no problem ...

If you're hungry for information about the coming Atlas Shrugged movie (how much was it delayed by the writers strike? ) don't miss the new interview with John Aglialoro at the Atlasphere.

With whatever talent I may have, I am trying to explore the ...

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(For more background about the Atlas Shrugged movie, I can't recommend highly enough Robert Bidinotto's new article "Major Updates on the Atlas Shrugged Movie" at the Atlasphere.) Since Perelman's going to be the proverbial "god" of the new Atlas Shrugged movie, I figured it would be worth witnessing his previous cinematic work first-hand. I can easily imagine some Ayn Rand fans liking the movie, and others actively disliking it.

Ayn Rand was born Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum on February 2, 1905, in St. The oldest daughter of Jewish parents (and eventually an avowed atheist), she spent her early years in comfort thanks to her dad's success as a pharmacist, proving a brilliant student.

altruism, faith, and force The distinction between the productive class and the political class Each of these points emerges from time to time as the theme of Atlas Shrugged comes forward: That theme is "What happens to society when the 'men ...

The interview, titled "Dating in the Atlasphere," was actually conducted in August 2008, but they've waited a while to publish it as part of a long series of interviews about Ayn Rand's legacy.

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In 1917, her father's shop was suddenly seized by Bolshevik soldiers, forcing the family to resume life in poverty in the Crimea.

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