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“We met online.” The answer to “How did you two meet? No longer do we have to lie about meeting a potential girlfriend or boyfriend in the dairy section of Whole Foods – and thank god because, seriously, no one was ever buying into that lie in the first place. Check out this breakdown of 5 popular platforms, and then make the decision that suites your needs.Dating online has lost its stigma, and as a result, we now have more choices than ever for where to go and meet people in the virtual world online. If you make the right choice, you just might end up finding the girl of your dreams…I’ve personally heard of zero relationships ever coming from a Tinder date, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen.I think that “we meet in the grocery store” lie is making its comeback since Tinder is seen more of a hookup app and people are embarrassed to say they met on Tinder and began dating.If you’re looking for true love fast, you’ve come to the right place.Number of paying users (2015): 778,000 Documented marriages: 2,000,000 Divorce Rate: 3.86% Mobile friendly: Yes Bottom line: Try out e Harmony if you’re really, serious about connecting with someone on more than just a superficial level.

We help busy professionals meet, attract and keep a quality match. But also, kind of not, because whether you’re falling in love on a field during a festival or just hooking up with that babe you met on Bumble, when it comes to dating in the ATX, things can get strange. Date destinations like Barton Springs and the Greenbelt mean hairy backs, tramp stamps, weird moles, and any number of other odd physical attributes make their debut early on.In other words, being shallow has never been so easy. ACL affairs, Fun Fun Fun flings, SXSW whirlwind romances… (Probably a slim to none chance of this being your go-to hook up site if that’s what you’re after.) Swipe left, swipe right.Tinder is the free dating app that has made setting up a date/hook up even easier than ordering an uber.

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As the leading online dating site for over 10 years, has millions of adult singles members, with thousands in Austin.

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