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Swiftly dubbed ‘Bubba’s Blonde’, the ambitious, twice-married business- woman was spotted alongside Clinton with eye-popping regularity at horse races, golf matches, political meetings and even on the ski slopes at the Colorado millionaires’ haven of Aspen. But in 2003, when Miss Stronach said she was divorcing her second husband, Norwegian Olympic champion speed skater Johann Olav Koss, the whisper was that Clinton was the cause of the break-up.According to reports, Clinton was heard boasting to a friend at a Super Bowl party he threw that the busty but brainy Miss Belzberg ‘married a guy worth billion, but she still likes to flirt with me’.Quite by coincidence, it emerged this week that Mrs Clinton believes the same.According to Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Lucinda Franks, Mrs Clinton told her in 1999 that her husband was addicted to sex because he was abused ‘in ways you wouldn’t believe’ by his mother, Virginia Kelley.Game Change revealed how, within days of moving to their home in Chappaqua in 2001, Clinton could be found at the local upmarket deli, ‘chatting up the stay-at-home mothers who trundled in after yoga, startling his aides that he already knew all the women by name’.People close to Mr and Mrs Clinton say they have led largely separate lives ever since he left office as president.Described as ‘charming and friendly’, Energiser will even bring the bodyguards biscuits — a small price for their silence, but a nice thought, particularly as protecting the rude and ‘nasty’ Mrs Clinton is seen as a punishment posting.Energiser’s appeal doesn’t end with her personality.

It was Clinton, nicknamed Bubba, who encouraged Miss Stronach’s brief but eventful political career — a Canadian MP between 20, she famously saved the Liberal government by ‘crossing the floor’ from the Conservative Party.

A Secret Serviceman told Kessler how his dull vigil was enlivened one day by a glimpse of her impressive décolletage as she leaned over — possibly bearing biscuits — wearing a low-cut top.

The daughter of Joel Tauber, a multi-millionaire backer of the Democratic party and friend of the Clintons, she reportedly met the former president in 1998 when he was still in office, after her father let him use the family’s million Colorado mansion.

Mother-of-three Julie Mc Mahon, who lives just minutes from the Clintons, is suspected of being the 'Energizer'; and her friendship with with Clinton has been the subject of media speculation for years And, thanks to the fact that the house in question — the palatial residence of Bill and Hillary Clinton — is protected by a squad of U. Secret Servicemen who are in on the deception, the attractive, busty blonde can time her arrivals and departures to within minutes of those of Mrs Clinton.

The bodyguards claim they don’t know her identity, but say they are under orders neither to stop nor approach her, but to let her in. Every member of a family protected by the Secret Service, responsible for guarding presidents and ex-presidents, is given a codename starting with the same letter.

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