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It can be a heady place to be the center of all that attention but can also lead to some really unhealthy behavior and damage to both relationships.So as best you can keep them separate, including not talking about one to the other if it is a source of friction. " No one really likes to have their sweetheart bad mouthed by their best friend.Meanwhile, it will be a chance for your boyfriend to hang out with his best guy friends.It's sad, but at the same time by choice I prefer to keep some of my friends separate from each other.Very good points, you're right about my boyfriend not being able to see any male friend as platonic.He has said as much, even though I can't wrap my mind around the concept of being in a non-platonic relationship with my friend (neither could he, I'm quite sure). I'm pretty sure you're correct that there will be no "chummy threesomes." I guess I just wanted some comfortable middle ground.

Make sure that you have your separate quality time with your gay friend.

Then your friend needs to do some thinking because, honestly, I don't think you can force them to get along and may have to make a choice between the two...

Sorry to be so bold, it's not intended to hurt your feelings. An ultimatum is probably where this is going to end up at..

But you are so right about alone time; it wouldn't be "girl talk" if my boyfriend were there!!

I think it's common for there to be a "rivalry" between best friend and sweetheart.

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