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Major corporations in the 19th and early 20th centuries included the Baldwin Locomotive Works, William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilding Company, and the Pennsylvania Railroad. Immigrants, mostly from Ireland and Germany, settled in Philadelphia and the surrounding districts.These immigrants were largely responsible for the first general strike in North America in 1835, in which workers in the city won the ten-hour workday.

In 1648, the Dutch built Fort Beversreede on the west bank of the Delaware, south of the Schuylkill near the present-day Eastwick neighborhood, to reassert their dominion over the area.

Philadelphia was one of the nation's capitals during the revolution, and served as temporary U. The Philadelphia area's many universities and colleges make it a top study destination, as the city has evolved into an educational and economic hub.

Philadelphia is the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania and is home to five Fortune 1000 companies.

The American Revolutionary War and United States' independence pushed them further west.

In the 1860s, the United States government sent most Lenape remaining in the eastern United States to the Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma and surrounding territory) under the Indian removal policy.

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This tolerance, far more than afforded by most other colonies, led to better relations with the local native tribes and fostered Philadelphia's rapid growth into America's most important city.

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