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The truth is that Russian women are not searching for a foreign husband - foreign is not the key-word here, Russian women are searching for a husband, and for many of them it actually doesn't matter whether they will marry a man from Russia or a foreigner.Russian women come to the agencies and place their ads online on the International dating web-sites because there are many foreign men who search for a Russian wife.Traditionally, Russians marry in young age, it is considered that a woman at 25 should be married, and mothers start worrying about a girl not being married when she is 18.Those girls who found a worthy guy in Russia are lucky, as there are not so many nice guys in Russia nowadays.And thus, physiologically and sociologically Russian women at 20-25 are as mature as Western men at 35-40.Looking at this problem from the point of view of the "demand and supply": who are the foreign men who search for a wife from Russia?

Each woman is seeking stability with a nice, honest, faithful man to love, to marry, to establish serious relations and create a family. For the sake of a good man a woman will go to the end of the earth.

Secondly, to use services of the agency is convenient for women: it is the agency that searches for serious web-sites with foreign men and posts women profile to the web-sites; the agency checks daily whether there are new messages for a woman, calls her and informs about new letters, translates letters for women, gives a woman possibility to browse men online catalog at the agency and sends woman's introduction letter to the men she chooses. A woman, who is hardly familiar with the internet, just would not be able to find enough time for this.

All she has to do is come to the agency, pick up her mail and leave her replies; when it is convenient for her agree with the agency personnel about browsing the men catalog. Or, actually, did not need to speak English before they decided to marry a foreign husband.

The circle of communication of a Russian girl is limited to the people of her age, and young 20-25 year old men are not ready for serious relations and family life (those guys who were ready are married already).

Thus a girl comes to the marriage agency and her data appears on different dating web-sites.

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The statement that Russian women are searching for an older man to marry is not actually right.

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