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Not until a visiting Master Roshi points him out and recognizes Goku after Roshi asks Goku of how he became small and Goku tells Roshi that Emperor Pilaf used the Dragon Balls and made a wish that he was small again before asking if Chi-Chi will become mad at him for being gone so long does she realize who the boy is as Pan becomes horrified.Later, Goku breaks the news of his downsizing to Chi-Chi, his son, Gohan, and his daughter-in law, Videl, who are all dumbfounded by this recent mishap.

The red dragon overhears the accidental wish and then grants it, as Goku is magically lifted and is put into a gold bubble and his body and clothes begin to shrink, turning Goku back into a twelve-year-old child, much to Pilaf's dismay.

Meanwhile, three robots sneak their way into the Lookout.

The robots are being controlled by none other than Emperor Pilaf and his assistants, Shu and Mai.

However, they have now released the first 16 episodes of this saga under the title The Lost Episodes.

In Japan, it aired beginning February 1996 while in the United States it aired in early 2005. Five years after Goku and Uub left the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament in the Peaceful World Saga depicted at the end of Dragon Ball Z, the series begins with Goku and Uub fighting in the depths of Kami's Lookout, and damaging it in the process.

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