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"Here you go, Officer," I said as I handed him my phone. My insurance rate was going to go through the roof because I was going one mile over the speed limit while rescuing my asshole sister from a bad party scene. Losing all this sleep because of my stupid sister is killing me." I exhaled to clear my mind.

As it was, it was going to be a challenge to get Ashlynne in the house without Mom and Dad noticing she was sloshed.

"Now, I can write you a ticket," continued the cop. "Let's go." I got out of the car and we walked back to his cruiser. I sat down in the seat and then blew into a tube he held for me. I started to get out of the cruiser when the cop motioned me to be still.

As Ashlynne stormed across the room, I began regretting blowing her off. I'll tell you more but you have to promise to tell none of this to Mom and Dad." "I promise," said Ashlynne as she crossed back to my bed. Work and Mandy were the sum total of my summer plans." I took a big breath.

"Start of the year in the dorms, I went trawling for freshmen girls. Mandy is very cute, very smart and lots of fun." "Is she good in bed? "Thursday, Mandy had her last final in the morning and then her family moved her out of the dorms." "Why didn't you help?

I was about to tell Jeffrey to take me home when a football player came up to Jeffrey and slapped him on the back. As I was climbing the stairs, I realized I was drunk; that someone had spiked the second daiquiri." Oh shit. Couples apparently had been taking turns in the room and Jeffrey had been waiting for our turn to come up." The look on Ashlynne's face turned from anger to fear. I had been dragged into a room without being asked and now I was alone with a really big guy. Let's lay down on the bed.' At this point, I was completely out of the mood. He said that I had wanted to go someplace where we could be alone and here we were. Then you took me home." I thought Ashlynne's story over. Had Jeffrey realized he was being stupid when Ashlynne locked herself in the bathroom and if she had come out, would he had taken her home? Or maybe Jeffrey would have fucked her against her will.

"Jeffrey pulled me into a bedroom and closed the door. Too many football players at my old high school thought that every girl that showed interest in them wanted to fuck them. " "Great up until the very end, where it really sucked." "How did it suck?

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She called me to come get her when her date wouldn't take no for an answer." "Todd! " Mom and Dad would hit the roof if their little princess was driven home by a cop.

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