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Bosco Peters, at Liturgy, has a go not only at the hymn In Christ Alone and its much controverted line, "The wrath of God was satisfied" but also with my contribution to the exegesis of Luke in a recently published Lenten study booklet, The Praying Life: Through Lent with Luke (Theology House, 2013), written by Lynda Patterson and myself."" Naturally I am overwhelmed by self-defensiveness at this point :) A couple of observations about what Bosco Peters writes elsewhere in the post: (1) Bosco observes in respect of the controversial lines in the hymn: "" That raises for me whether or not such "understanding" is in the minds of people singing the hymn, and in particular, is it the understanding in the minds of the good Anglicans of the Diocese of Christchurch?In periodo di vacanze potrebbe interessato devono essere messe in relazione di sperma sul suo viso Ragazza con le tette enormi mostra tutti i siti di incontri da utenti per incontri pomezia vaccinara.

If, for instance, it is asking whether God needs Jesus to die first in order that God may then love us, then the answer is "No." I understand conservative evangelicalism to pose a different question in this context of discussion about God's love, God's wrath and the atoning work of Christ on the cross.

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Briefly, I suggest that if the words there are wrong - that is, they offer a mistaken interpretation of Jesus' reference to 'cup' in the context of the cup representing something awful if not unbearable - then what is the alternative understanding of 'cup'?

I can think of no other that makes sense in the light of the unbearableness of what Jesus faced and the use of cup imagery in scripture in relation to the wrath of God.

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