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: basin [`beisin] bed-sheet [`bedòi:t] blanket [`blæŋkit] butter [`b Lt] canvas [`kænvs] , clothes [klouðz] image [`imidʒ] , pillow [`pilou] print [print] rest [rest] shadow [`òædou] sleep [sli:p] space [speis] tension [`tenòn] treatment [`tri:tmnt] balanced [`bælnst] , empty [`empti] flat [flæt] friendly [`frendli] fresh [freò] main [mein] modest [`mÉdist] scarlet [`ska:lit] solid [`sÉlid] , wooden [`wudn] colour treatment in combination with in contrast to thanks to like () outside world linear perspective that is all . : impressionist [im`preònist], interior [in`tiri], instability [,inst`biliti], lemon [`lemn], linear [`lini], object [`Ébdʒikt], orange [`Érindðʒ], reproduction [,ripr`d Lkòn], type [taip], violet [`vailit]. Thanks to colour perspective in combination with linear perspective there is an impression of space. There are no shadows, the image is flat as in Japanese prints. The bed and the chairs are bright yellow like fresh butter. This is a typically impressionistic picture, because colour is the main expressive element here. On the walls there are some paintings and drawings - a few portraits and a landscape. In the background there is a small dressing-table near the window. There is another door on the other side of the room. They differ mostly in policy, their attitude to the USA, to the question of the French and English elements of the population and to provincial policies. There are several political parties, which are represented in Parliament: the Progressive Conservative Party, the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party. might go to America in May to see some friends of 13)…

I hadn’t seen 9) …since summer, when 10) …all went to Anna’s wedding, so 11) …

The little that remains will be unloaded tomorrow morning.

dessert that she is in bed today with a stomachache.

b) very, rather, too, so, as, how: There are very many illustrations in this book.

many a lot (of), lots (of), plenty (of), a great many, a good many, : , , : We have plenty of time, - .

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55 This is a reproduction of a picture by the well-known French impressionist painter Van Gogh. There is no carpet on the floor and there are no curtains on the window.

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