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Taking some time to get to know each of them and to reflect on your thoughts and feelings may shine some light on where your heart is leaning.

After you establish a solid friendship with each bachelor and feel more comfortable with them, you can explore the possibility of dating one, both, or neither.

Yes, we will want to discuss all of the books with you.

And, no, it won't matter that you have never read it, or haven't heard of it, or don't even care.

Try to focus on building a friendship, especially if he's made it clear he's dating someone. You may consider telling him that you've enjoyed spending time with him and that you’d like to be his friend.

Hopefully, this will allay any confusion about a potential romantic relationship, but also allow you to continue getting to know him.

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Cultivating friendships with each will give you a chance to observe even more about you find them attractive.

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