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Caril Anne Fugate, though sentenced to life as an accessory, served only 17 years.

She was released, moved to Lansing, Michigan, changed her name, found a menial job, and married in 2007.

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The pair traveled throughout Nebraska starting in their hometown of Lincoln, making it as far as Wyoming.

Starkweather gunned down everyone in their path in his desperation to find escape before getting caught for the murder of a gas-station attendant and Caril Ann Fugate’s entire family (mother, father, and 2-year-old sibling).

Lincoln, Nebraska, occupies a place in the southeastern part of the state.

It also occupies a dark place in the minds of America.

Jo Ann’s new husband was an alcoholic, and by 1980 the two were divorced.The girls lived with them until Teena was three and Tammy was six. The new family moved into a trailer park in Lincoln.Jo Ann had a job as a clerk in a women’s store, leaving the girls in the care of whoever was available to babysit.Among the famous people who trod Nebraska’s soil was Pulitzer-prize winning author and “butch” lesbian, Willa Cather (1875-1947).She was not born in Nebraska but came there with her family when she was nine.

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