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"It's so sad," Romero said, looking across the deserted aisles at a Burbank store.The year's end inspires holiday-shopping nostalgia for its loyal customers, but it brings mostly gloom for once-mighty Sears, including an adjusted loss of 3 million for the third quarter that landed as Black Friday sales were being tallied.The problem, of course, is that raising capital via one-time asset sales does not change the company's fundamental issue -- it does not have enough customers.Sears Holdings, as it currently stands, still has assets and it can forestall its death, but that end still seems to be just a question of time.The company has staved off death by borrowing money, but how long can that last? 28 at .18 and rallied on the news of the new line of available borrowing to close the next day at , a 10% gain. The company posted a loss of 8 million in its fiscal third quarter this year, up from a 4 million loss in Q3 2015.News that Sears Holdings had lined up a new credit facility sent shares of the company dramatically higher Thursday, Dec. The stock gained on the idea that the company behind Sears and Kmart had bought itself a little time even if the money it now has access to will not cover its 2017 debt-servicing needs. In addition, revenue dropped by 1 million in Q3.Some of that comes from the chain having fewer Sears and Kmart stores open; having fewer locations did not boost the remaining ones.

Liquidation sales for the department store chain will begin Jan. Sears opened at the Town Center in 1983, when the mall first opened, and serves nearly 100,000 customers annually, according to the Sears web page for that location.

It's hard to know exactly how much those brands and services are worth, but Craftsman alone could fetch as much as billion, according to an October Bloomberg article.

At that time, there were reportedly multiple companies interested, with bids expected in November.

The Illinois-based retailer announced this year that it would shutter 76 stores across the country.

It's also considering selling off its most popular and enduring brands: Kenmore, Craftsman and Die Hard.

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