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Law enforcement appears just a few times a year, when an Alaska state trooper flies in with a radar gun to catch speeders — usually drivers of mining trucks or the summer tourists who come to see the bears during the salmon run.

The only noise comes from howling wolves, falling boulders and the occasional shooting practice.

For years, Hyderites sent their children over the border to the school in Stewart, which has roughly 500 permanent residents, the only grocery store for miles and not much else. To save money, Hyder residents often team up to buy bulk orders of food or shop for goods online, all of which arrive on the mail plane.“If you’re into travel or ‘bright lights, big city,’ you’re out of luck,” said Kris Wagner, 41, a bartender at the Glacier Inn, one of Hyder’s two saloons.

The inn’s walls are covered with ,000 in autographed currencies dating to 1956.

President Obama even alluded to the bond when the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, visited the White House in March.“It’s basically the same town.

We’re just a little more free over here,” said Joel Graesser, a steel sculptor who fled New York City a decade ago for Hyder, where wolves occasionally venture into his outdoor studio.

If you have British-Canadian dual nationality you won’t be able to apply for an e TA and you’ll need to present a valid Canadian passport to board your flight to Canada.

The new BC Bus North service will begin on June 4th, and will be affordable, with one-way fares beginning at .

Those who keep it down get a certificate; failure means buying a round for the whole bar.

The two towns were once home to about 10,000 people, during the gold rush more than a century ago, when Hyder was built on stilts over tidal flats and Stewart was notorious for its brothels.“I’m into bears,” said Susan Craft, 71, a retired accountant from Texas who moved here with her family 40 years ago after several visits to Alaska.

The spirit of international cooperation between Hyder and Stewart goes back to the early 1900s, when the two communities were founded as mining towns on the shores of a fjord abundant with salmon, seals and halibut.

While they may be in separate countries, daily life has bound them ever closer through marriages, blizzards and bears that fail to respect international boundaries.

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