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It takes a younger, fresher eye perhaps to see that writing can also be form, design, metaphor and emotional expression.Imagine highly legible letters here – it would be a disaster. We must learn to follow our friends in the Islamic and Chinese worlds, who long ago appreciated the beauty of writing as an art form where language and form remain in dynamic interaction. But writing the words to this dreamy love song is second best and probably just as fun.Brody Jenner was gracious to a fault Friday, clearly wanting to re-set his relationship with the Kardashians ... We got Brody at LAX and asked again about Kylie's baby Stormi ....he still hasn't seen her but unquestionably wants to.My inky abstractions will be projected on a vast screen and will serve as score to Arne’s playing. Who would have ever thought I would wind up doing jazz riffs in public?

March 2017 saw me sinking into the quicksands of Instagram, meaning of course that my Word Press blog was ignored completely.

Time for an update, though many of you have followed these projects on the tiny screen.

The chapel in Heestert was completed on 7 June and will be officially opened in a few days.

I am very proud of this creation, which manages to reinterpret an ancient theme and still find new and deeply meaningful resonances for our own time.

My thanks to the Archdiocese of Paderborn for the chance to work on such a significant project.

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