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Marge has always been portrayed as a hot-mom trope, being wooed by everyone from her annoying high school nerd-turned-rich-guy Artie Ziff, her French bowling instructor Jacques, Moe Sizlack of Moe's, and of course her husband, Homer, of at least 29 years (or as long as the series has been airing)., at least as far as alt (and cartoon) love interests go. Thirst trap though it is, a hair color won't necessarily guarantee a legit connection.Maybe you have or have had blue hair and can attest to this phenomenon. Then again, neither do dating apps, so the system remains fickle.Do you ever see an extremely attractive person out in the wild and can't help but do a double-take?That was basically me, cartoon-popping eyes, boingy sound effects, and all.I haven't seen this movie in a long while, and most of the time Clementine is seen via Jim Carrey's character projections and memories, so jury's out on the whole manic-pixie-dream-girl label, but the romance was there.You can't really talk about blue hair in pop culture and not mention Marge Simpson, whose hair is as tall as it is royal blue.But like a guest who doesn't get the hint to go home, it lingered, clinging to my (admittedly very porous) hair with chemical demon claws for close to three months.

It was a doomed tryst after we hung out a couple of times and he ended up being an anti-vaccer and also oddly went on a diatribe about how all salads are bad, but man, oh man, was he pretty.All material contained on these pages are free of copyright restrictions and may be copied, reproduced, or duplicated without permission of the Office on Women’s Health in the U. No date at the Amusement Park, whether planned or unplanned, "Just the two of us" or "Let's all go together", is complete without a ride on the Ferris Wheel.Look, I do not get to date dudes who are professionally pretty In the next few weeks, several acquaintances who'd never expressed interest before started doing that thing that guys do when they reply to all your Instagram stories until they feel comfortable with sufficient banter to ask you out for a drink, which is really a soft date. As someone who is a homebody and a creature of comfort, I rarely go out, but when I do it's usually to a music venue to see some friends' bands play or to have dinner with friends someplace without a wait. I wasn't on any dating apps at the time because I wasn't actually interested in dating, which is a conundrum in and of itself ; you always meet people when you're not looking to date.(Look, I never said this was a particularly scientifically sound experiment.)In fact, a friend posted an Instagram of us at brunch and days later asked me if I was interested in being set up with a friend of hers.

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In most Shoujo animes with such a date, the Ferris Wheel is the replacement for the often cliché Tunnel of Love: the cars only seat two people at a time, are perfectly private with no chance for interruptions, provide a romantic view of the city and amusement park lights, and encourage that now or never moment for the couple to share their feelings for each other.

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