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At the beginning its name was JPGaultier Eau de Parfum and it was produced as eau de parfum.Now, it is called Classique and comes both as eau de perfume and eau de toilette.The top is spicy and the drydown becomes rounder, softer, but still spicier than the other one I mentioned. This is one of the most beautiful,ornamented orange blossoms I ever had the pleasure to encounter!I´ve always found orange blossoms to go wonderfully well together with oriental notes, Guerlain´s L´heure Bleu and Coty´s sadly departed Origami are perfect examples.Can you believe my surprise when she told me it was JPG Classique? So, the next step was to try it on myself and it was an epiphany. I also have a recent BPI bottle which, although lacking the detail of the vintage formula still packs a punch and outperforms most other fragrances in my collection. In the mean time I will enjoy wearing my other lovely perfumes :). If time and space had allowed I'm sure this is what Marilyn Monroe would have worn to bed. Classy, sweet, tender, fragile and strong at the same time, with just the perfect amount of artificial beauty, just like Marilyn's blond hair dye. It's the creamy and divine orange blossom that does it for me every time.Recently, again, I smelled something sultry, feminine, almost narcotic on a woman at a garden party. My husband also commented saying that it is sensual. When opening it's a sharp blast of star anise and stuff I can't identify - every time I would try to smell it closely it would hurt my nose. Unbelievably good drydown, but the waiting for it... Soft like her voice, loud like Andy Warhol's paintings, timeless and beautiful. Anise and bergamot opens up with spiciness, orange blossom and tangerine adds sweetness while rose and pear milds the first spray.Then it smells as if the orange blossom-spice concoction fell,somehow,in a woman´s rose-scented powder box.Hyper-femenine, almost to a Jessica Rabbit-esque scale, but never scratching cartoonish because of a nail-polish accord (I´m guessing the combination between anise-citrus-florals) that grounds the voluptuosness and shebang of the fragrance while still stating she´s a diva. This is hard to review, because the reason I love it so much is very subjective: to me it smells just like summer. Orange blossom is the strongest note in this, and orange trees don't even grow in my country, so it can't be that. My extremely hard to please mother commented that I smell good.

After a while I stopped smelling it on everyone and I forgot about it and I just staid away from everything JPG with a buste. When other reviewers mention something sharp in this, I think maybe it's the ginger. Yes, this was launched in the early 1990s, but it seems timeless to me, enduring. I decided to give it a try again and I like the smell on my skin now, yeah :)!There's something in the combination of notes that maybe give me flashbacks, invoking the scent of a childhood sunblock, sun on skin, and perhaps the smell of a safety-vest (not that I smell anything plastic in this) that takes me back to summers spent in the archipelago. She dislikes every single one of my perfumes, and is a self-confessed hater of orange blossom, so it was a bit of a shock.Even without my very personal scent-associations, it's a really lovely perfume. However, I'm always pro sampling before buying, so do sample first if you're not adventurous with your money. @muckata_11 This is not a review of Classique - so other readers, please skip this.You can also check the barcode on the box (if there is one).Type the exact sequence of numbers into Google and put inverted commas around the number, like this "01234567890" (for example).

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