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Gannon was smart, handsome, and just married to the woman of his dreams.

He had wanted to be a cop since he was a little boy drawing superheroes, and he was known for his restraint, his quiet but firm sense of right and wrong, and the gentle way he spoke to victims.

After the wreck was discovered, trinkets and human remains encased in a hardened mass of sand and stone were recovered.

The Whydah was a state of the art ship built in 1715 in England.

Casey Sherman, who is leading an investigation into the Whydah, told The Telegraph: 'We believe that we have found the largest mass burial ground in the US.'It's very hallowed ground...

Almost every day we're learning more about what happened 300 years ago.' Remains of the Whydah wreckage were found in the Cape Cod peninsula in Massachusetts, USA, in 1984. Most of the crew had died and been given a land burial.

During his short career he captured more than 53 ships and plundered loot that would have been valued at 0million in today's money.Even though they were in sight of land, the storm claimed their beloved Whydah when it hit a sandbar, capsized and sank as the wind and swells of up to 30ft raged around them.Only two of the 146 men on board survived and more than 100 crew members were washed ashore in the days that followed and given a land burial in Massachusetts.Though her parents liked Black Sam, they thought he was far too poor for their daughter, who was just 15 at the time.He left Massachusetts with his friend Paulsgrave William, vowing to return as the respected captain of the greatest ship the world had ever seen.

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