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She was rocking, and had the IV in her arm, and was telling me how excited she was to have it coming out next week.She was just so positive about something that is so horrifying: to hear that you have cancer and that you have to go through all these treatments.Getting to see her live show, and doing all of these songs in person after all these years -- and executing them as beautiful as ever -- has been so impressive.Her show is just hit after hit, so it's been cool to sit in front of the stage and take notes, and absorb everything I'm experiencing."Her songs are so hard to sing, and she's always been known for her hard, belting voice.That's how I learned to sing – by following her example.When I was 17, my main goal was to be in a band and travel the world.

Though Pope is very open about her personal life and the fact that she has a boyfriend, she's a little confused by some people's reaction to the song, especially when the two perform it live."It's so funny.Her real name is Cassadee Blake Pope and belongs to an American society.She was the lead vocalist of the rock band Hey Monday, with whom she released one studio album and three EPs in 2011.Furthermore, in 2012 she had released Cassadee Pope EP as well as embarked on a solo career.Additionally, her debut solo country album, Frame by Frame was released and had reached top 10 Billboard 200 charting in 2013.

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And meeting so many people who were in remission or fought it in the past and survived, it's just such a rewarding thing to see what donations, these amazing doctors, and research can do."The singer, who initially gained her following on NBC's .

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