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Within families, addiction leads to rigid boundaries, poor communication, high levels of negativity and conflict, dishonesty, and social isolation.

Could excessive cellphone use lead to similar outcomes?

Subrahmanyam and Greenfield (2008) concluded that adolescent developmental issues of intimacy, sexuality, and identity are being transformed by mobile phones in ways that could be beneficial or harmful [viii].

Picard (2007) interviewed 615 teens age 13 to 18 and determined that “alarming” numbers of teens in dating relationships are being controlled, abused, and threatened by cellphones and texting, and that this abuse is kept hidden from parents or caregivers.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, teens whose parents communicate that underage drinking is completely unacceptable are more than 80 percent less likely to drink than teens who receive other messages.

Use the following agreement for discussion on your expectations regarding drugs and alcohol.

Some are able to buy their own phone from the money they earn as a result of working part-time, but the more likely scenario is that you, their parent, ends up buying them one.Without a mobile phone, the average teenager is unable to function–they can’t talk to their friends and life just isn’t worth living.But before you give in and rush off to buy your petulant teenager a brand new i Phone, read the following list.At present, we don’t know, because research on this topic is sparse. (2009) engaged in a search for articles describing addiction to the internet, video games, and cellphones [iv].They found that internet addiction was the most studied of these subjects, but that cellphone addiction comprised only 2.2 percent of available articles.

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