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Now at last she was finished, able to think after all of her tasks were completed, able to consider how strange everything had suddenly become.Strange that she had woken not in his bed with him, but curled on a rug beside it.The leather compressed under the assault of the sharp steel, but unbelievably—impossibly—it wouldn’t cut.

Back before the mirror, she carefully maneuvered the blades around the belt before pressing firmly.

And since when was a thorough colonic irrigation part of her daily routine? Kneeling with her legs spread wide to expose her sex, hands behind her head and chest thrust out to present her breasts to her master. She took a deep breath, relaxed and closed her eyes.

That part of her ablutions had been uncomfortable and disgusting, and yet she had gone ahead and done the deed without a second thought. It was as if she looked down on the whole of the earth, so high above it she seemed.

The leather was perfect and continuous, impossible to remove. She also remembered, just after he had buckled it in place, that she had stretched her neck a little and been able to spin the thing around: it had been snug but moveable.

Now, though, no matter how she tugged, it stayed just where it was, as if it had glued itself to her flesh and become a part of her.

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