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The answer—how you go home with someone without panicking—is so obvious, SCARED, that I'm guessing your therapist has already suggested it: Have sex with someone you know and trust.

You didn't have any issues having sex with your ex because you knew and trusted him.

While there are definitely less-ambiguous examples (cases where the snoopee was engaged in activities that put the snooper at risk), your boyfriend violating the boundaries of your open relationship rises to the level of "right to know." This is a major mess, UGHRS, and there's no way to confront your boyfriend without risking a blowup. You'll be in a better position to assess whether you want this relationship to survive after you confess and confront. Film Festival is currently touring the country—go to to find out when HUMP! is screened only in theaters, nothing is released online, and the filmmakers retain all rights. you can be a porn star for a weekend in a theater without having to be a porn star for eternity on the internet! , there's ,000 in cash prizes awarded to the filmmakers by audience ballot (including the ,000 Best in Show Award!

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I have been seeing a great therapist for the last five years, and I am processing things and feeling better than I ever have.

Not being able to mask hateful feelings isn't a redeeming quality—it's the opposite.

My boyfriend and I love each other deeply, and the thought of breaking up devastates me. I deeply regret it and am full of shame, but I impulsively went through his texts for the first time.

Had I known that he needed her in his life this badly, I would have taken some time to sit with my feelings and figure out where my discomfort with her was coming from and tried to move through it.

We are in an open relationship, but his relationship with her crosses what we determined as our "cheating" boundary: hiding a relationship.

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" And while it is true that many people are capable of doing just that, at least as many or more are incapable of having impulsive one-night stands because they too have a history of trauma, or because they have other psychological, physical, or logistical issues that make one-night stands impossible.

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