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By using the information and practices in the tool kit, judicial officers will improve judicial decision making and outcomes for children.

The : The Basics, also available on the OCI website, contains basic information about Florida’s family court.

Additional videos for judges discuss common myths and misconceptions associated with the injunction process found within the dependency statutes and the differences between these injunctions and the civil injunctions for protection; some of the newer technologies stalkers are using to harass their victims; and the Additional publications and links have made OCI’s Florida Institute on Interpersonal Violence website the “go-to” site for judges and stakeholders to find information and valuable resources pertaining to interpersonal violence.OCI has further coordinated and hosted webinars for judges on topics such as strangulation, determination of child support from the bench, immigration issues, the use of therapy dogs in judicial proceedings, and medical forensic sexual-assault examinations.Videos available on the OCI website assist petitioners and respondents to understand Florida’s orders of protection and the requirements for filing a petition.The is a comprehensive resource guide for judges who are on the criminal bench and anticipate that they will hear cases involving sexual violence.The benchbook provides information on the hearings that courts routinely hold, complete with flowcharts and checklists designed to provide in-depth analysis of the criminal procedures affected by the nature of the crime.

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It includes a timeline of significant family court events; a list of case types that comprise Florida’s family court; guiding principles; descriptions of the ten core components; information about the one-family/one-judge model and noted benefits of the model; filing trends; process maps for dependency, delinquency, dissolution-of-marriage, and domestic violence injunction cases; and links to additional resources.

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