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male : okok male : ohhh male : eppvume..pundai thanni vidarathu than sugam male : appo varum pothu...vegama...kuthum pothu...male : climax la super ra irukkum male : thanni varum pothu veliya...edutha..use.thamarai selvi: i will sent u later male: ippo kattunga... thamarai selvi: i have to scan it male: nalla hot agum mood male: appo nalla petchu varum male: ippo enna dress thamarai selvi: saree male: inner?thamarai selvi: white bra and merrone panty male: pussy la mudi irukka thamarai selvi: illa shave paniten sunday thamarai selvi: mudi iruntha antha pasaga atha pudungi yeduthu yen valiyapathu siripanga male: ohhhhh male: unga pundai kulle nakku viduvangala?thamarai selvi: avalaiyum yenaiyum nikavaicha yaru vindhyanu kandupudika mudiyathu male : ohhh ok male : evalavu nalaikku oru thadavai oppanuga?thamarai selvi: kurainchachu 1 masam male : ok male : enge poye room poduveenga?I said will drop you, for which she politely said no. Instantly I had a hard on and my Penis was Rock hard.

thamarai selvi: sorgam theriyum male: okok male: avanga sunniya nee oombuviya?He was a business man and has his own finance companies.Dimple was a house wife and after 1 year they put up a small shop in one of there ground floor PG rooms. She was one of the typical Nepali Girls whom I would describe as Sexy.This happened 2 years back when I was studying my Physiotherapy course in Bangalore.I was staying as a Paying Guest in a building in which there were 3 rooms in the ground floor and the Owner used to stay on top along with his wife and 2 children. The owners name was Mr Rakesh and was around 41 years and his wifes name was dimple aged 34.

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