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The FPÖ, a third party with modest support, was admitted to the Liberal International (LI) in 1979 and participated in a government led by the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ), following the 1983 legislative election.

When Jörg Haider was chosen as new FPÖ leader in 1986, the party started an ideological turn towards right-wing populism.

SPÖ leader Bruno Kreisky had encouraged the FPÖ's move to the centre, in order to establish an SPÖ-FPÖ alliance against the ÖVP.In the 1999 legislative election the FPÖ placed second and won 26.9% of the vote, its best-ever result in a nationwide election, and for the first time came ahead of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) by a small margin.Yet, the ÖVP led the following coalition government with the FPÖ, formed in 2000.This new political course soon resulted in a strong surge in electoral support, although it also led the SPÖ to break ties.In 1993, after a controversial proposal on immigration issues, the adherents of a position closer to classical liberalism broke away from the FPÖ and formed the Liberal Forum (Li F), which took over the FPÖ's membership in the LI (since the FPÖ considered itself forced to leave) and would later eventually merge into NEOS.

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