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Therefore the very identity of Europe is not grounded in Christianity but the long lost pagan past which produced the first great civilisation on the continent.

Does anyone regard the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras and other great philosophers as backward?

This has been as much an issue as human rights and democracy when resistance is made to Turkey joining the European Union.

Later he does define “Western Christianity” comprising Catholicism and Protestantism as “the single most important characteristic of Western civilization” defining itself against Byzantine Orthodoxy as much as against Islam.

Her brother Cadmus contributed the alphabet to Greece .

She was also descended from the nymph Io, priestess of Hera in Argos , who was seduced by the Greek god Zeus.The myth of Europe having Christian roots is exploded.This use of ‘myth’ is interesting because while Christianity to this day derides others as heathens, idolaters and pagans, relegating folklore and moral stories into the realms of mythology, the real myth is that Christianity somehow protected or led to the rights and freedoms which we now take for granted. The Romans were generally tolerant of different creeds and hence the empire had spiritual dynamism and vitality.Once in power the angry male demiurge known as ‘God’ revealed his true power as Christianity brooked no rivals.Thatincluded within its own ranks as the Nicene Creed deemed many self-confessed Christians as heretics.

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