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Talk about never dying - the shag dance steps are still going strong!

Before we were old enough to go to the Teenage Club, there was Shute Hall, built by J. Shute Hall was located on the corner of Beasley and Morgan Streets, behind the old Methodist Church (now a parking lot on the corner of Hayne and Windsor Streets).

A big event of the year was the Junior-Senior Banquet held at the Monroe Country Club.

This was a dinner and dance given by the juniors to the seniors (funds raised by selling magazine subscriptions) with the tenth grade Home Ec.

Our glee club had over 100 members with Miss Kitty Hamner our music teacher.

Once we were all on stage practicing songs for a competition.

girls (no boys allowed in the class) acting as waitresses and servers.

Our costumes the year I was in the tenth grade were pirate outfits complementing the prom theme. There always was an organized after prom party, usually very well chaperoned, so this was the one night our parents would let us stay out all night!

Doesnt hearing Pomp and Circumstance bring back memories of your own graduation? The music we listened to has certainly stood the test of time.

Dont you get teary-eyed reading some of the sentiments written in your annuals? Has any other generations music lasted as long as the 50s songs? How impressed we were by a high school senior girl who had actually counted how many times the clock ticked during that song.

Most people wrote the school wont be the same without you next year. Favorite artists in the mid-50s were Bo Diddley, Ruth Brown, La Verne Baker, the Coasters, the Clovers, etc.

They played the music that we liked and even took requests.

I was always glad that my mother couldnt understand all the words to the most popular songs as she surely would have forbidden my listening to them.

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In the 1950s, Walter Bickett High School usually had around 200 students.

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