Common mistakes in validating package systems

Sometimes it is better to use a well-established approach for everybody.

By using newer browser features with inconsistent support, you are deliberately introducing cross–browser variation.

But using a framework as a basis for layout can reduce the amount of cross–browser testing you need to do.

Any framework worth its salt should be well tested on a wide range of browsers and devices.

For example, validating a common form: package constraints; import

The complexity of your project can determine the complexity of testing it.

As an example, how can you use the API to validate two bean properties are equal (such as validating a password field matches the password verify field).

In annotations, I'd expect something like: Each field constraint should be handled by a distinct validator annotation, or in other words it's not suggested practice to have one field's validation annotation checking against other fields; cross-field validation should be done at the class level.

You should always be aware of framework’s browser support and testing policies. The key here is to consider the long term impact on your project of adopting a framework.

Links: Fewer responsive breakpoints in your code result in fewer layout variations.

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