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You can find these non-music items in your i Tunes folder (in the My Music folder).The Mobile Applications folder contains your apps, and you'll find folders called Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts in the i Tunes Media folder containing those items.Not every household needs more than one computer running i Tunes.In fact, as it becomes more common to stream music and videos to connected devices throughout the house, more homes may have just one PC.There are a few third-party software programs that will make the process of merging i Tunes libraries easier.Among the key features of these programs are that they will retain all of the metadata--star ratings, playcounts, comments, etc.--that are lost using other transfer methods.As that happens, you'll need to know how to consolidate i Tunes libraries from multiple machines into a single, large i Tunes library on the new computer.

NOTE: using this method, you will lose the star ratings and playcounts on the songs being moved to the new library.Unlike the external hard drive method above, these programs let you retain star ratings, play counts, playlists, etc. (If you don't, I'd recommend starting ​before a hard drive failure makes you sorry you didn't.Check out the top 3 backup services for a starting point.) If you use an online backup service, merging i Tunes libraries can be as simple as downloading the latest backup from one computer to another (if your library is very big, you may want to use DVDs with your data on them that some services offer).A few of the programs in this space include: If your entire i Tunes library is synced to your i Pod or i Phone, you can move it from your device to the new merged i Tunes library using third-party software.There are dozens of these i Pod copying programs--some are free, most cost US ---and all do essentially the same thing: copying all the music, movies, playlists, star ratings, play counts, etc.

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Whether you download or use a DVD, use the same process as with external hard drives to move your old i Tunes library to the new one.

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