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This post takes you step-by-step through the process of consolidating your i Tunes library and moving it to an external drive in a way that will preserve your playlists, ratings and other interactions, so you won’t miss a beat.

Apps and media you purchase, along with any files imported to i Tunes and all your interactions are kept in a special folder on your computer.

At the Cof E Bishop of Coventry, the Right Revd Christopher Cocksworth, said yesterday: ‘The solution is built on the centrality of the historic episcopate and the bishop as minister of ordination.'The scheme as proposed will enable dioceses, districts and local churches to engage in creative pastoral planning.’The Bishop of Fulham, the Right Revd Jonathan Baker, who sat on the committee that drew up the merger plan, said: ‘The separation between Anglicans and Methodists in Great Britain is a tear in the fabric of the Body of Christ.'The proposals in this report are offered as a means of helping to repair that tear.‘They maintain the catholic, episcopal ordering of the church while at the same time acknowledging the real and effective ministry exercised by minsters in the Methodist Church.’While the proposals preserve the Church of England’s claim to maintain tradition, they are likely to deter any deeper relations with the Roman Catholic church, which have already met a barrier when the Cof E consecrated women bishops.

You’d be amazed how much of your Mac’s storage is wasted on the i Tunes library.

For the Church of England, joining with Methodists will mean tearing up church laws dating back more than 350 years which say that no-one but an ordained priest can hold office in the Cof E.

The two greatest protestant churches should declare themselves in ‘communion’ and share each other’s priests and ministers, leaders said.That’s where i Tunes’ library consolidation feature comes to the rescue.Consolidation ensures everything in your library is stored in one place.The document published yesterday, Mission and Ministry in Covenant, has been under preparation for 14 years.In 2010 leading Methodist, the Reverend David Gamble, told the Cof E’s parliament, the General Synod, that both churches were struggling to deal with the modern world and added: ‘We are prepared to go out of existence not because we are declining or failing in mission, but for the sake of mission.‘In other words, we are prepared to be changed and to cease having a separate existence as a church if that will serve the needs of the Kingdom.’The last major barrier to merger between the two churches disappeared in 2015 when the Church of England appointed its first woman bishop, embracing the sexual equality long upheld by Methodists.

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