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Ten metro-east school districts have decided they want answers to questions that have been lingering in their communities for decades.If they merged with other nearby districts or shared services in some way, would their students have more opportunities? What effects could that change have on current staffing, buildings, bus routes, and even sports and mascots?Then, it would go to the voters, who make the final decision.“The bottom line with consolidation: it has to be something that the school community itself wants,” said Rosborg, the consultant. Once it goes onto the ballot, then if one (district) votes against it, they don’t have to be part of that consolidated district, but the others can be.” It would be a similar process for districts to pursue annexation.The district came up with a temporary solution to its space problem caused by growing enrollment back in 2012.

The next step would be to get approval from regional and state education leaders.

He said Venice paid for that study because it was required by the financial oversight panel that the state put in place in Venice.

At the time, district leaders thought a reorganization wouldn’t have created more educational opportunities for students, Cullen said.

The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce is taking the lead.

David Hopkins, the chamber’s education committee chair, said they’re trying to be proactive about perception.

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Hopkins said the study could cost as much as $25,000.

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