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I can't seem to put a halt to my thoughts and more often than not, it gets me more confused than I already was. One time a friend of mine back in the day had a solution to my problem. He said, and I know I remember this correctly..."Thinking kills."And of course that got my brain working overtime again. Does thinking too much actually kill somebody figuratively?

Every time something happens, a billion and one questions always enter my mind and my brain goes on overdrive!

Conxtion provides administration, HR and operational support to SMEs helping them to grow saving the money and helping them gain funding.

We had been hearing about it since we bought our camper.

I know this entry is a little bit confusing (just like my thoughts), but I also wanted to say that despite how much of a curious person I am, I've learned a lot of lessons via my billion and one questions.

I learned that being curious can be a good thing, because it tests your limits. Sometimes it's better to not think too much about something because it'll just screw up with your brain and get you into an even messier tangle of thoughts.

One more night in the entombed camper and our time on the Island was over. The island has an interesting history and the museum or an island tour are worth the time.

Also Jekyll is home to one of the coolest bookstores I have ever seen.

I guess in some cases thinking does make you go a little crazy, especially if you're in a situation where answers don't come as much as you'd like them too. That somehow always enters my mind when someone asks me what kind of person I am. It's amazing and also a little bit annoying how fast our brain can work.I've always been the type of girl who needed an explanation. I admit that along with my curiosity comes my stubbornness.Sometimes I don't know when to stop asking, or when to stop thinking of things to the point that it gets me into a whole crap load of trouble.And then I think afterwards that I should've just stopped thinking in the beginning and just let things be.

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It is in the old infirmery, which was a residence before that.

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