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More than 500 km (311 mi) of motorways are planned. Since the Trans-Canada Highway is not yet a divided, multi-lane freeway for its entire length, the section that crosses the western provinces and northern Ontario is considered to be more of an equivalent to the U. Route highway network in the neighboring United States.On the other hand, southern Ontario's 400-series freeways, Quebec's autoroutes, New Brunswick's portion of the Trans-Canada, and Nova Scotia's 100-series highways are provincial equivalents to the American Interstate Highway System.The term motorway is used in some Australian cities to refer to freeways that have been allocated a metropolitan route number.Roads may be part-highway and part-freeway until they are fully upgraded.Urban highways for commuting are uncommon in Brazil, and when they are present, they receive different names, depending of the region (Avenida, Marginal, Linha, Via, Eixo, etc.). Regional highways are named YY-XXX, where YY is the abbreviation of the state where the highway is running in and XXX is a number (e.g.SP-280; where SP means that the highway is running entirely in the state of São Paulo). National highways connects multiples states altogether, are of major importance to the national economy and/or connects Brazil to another country.Belgian highways are indicated by the letter "A" and a European number, with E numbers being used most often.

There is a dual carriageway connecting the port city of Durrës with Tirana, Vlorë, and partially Kukës.

The province of Ontario has one of the finest road networks in the world.

Highway (freeway) 407 ETR, is one of the most modern toll freeways in the world.

407 ETR has automatic toll collection system in place.

Transponders are required to travel on 407 ETR; if a vehicle does not carry a transponder, the vehicle license plate is photographed, and the owner of the vehicle is billed.

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