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We weren't bestowed presents every day or anything like that. His car engulfed in flames, Earnhardt scrambled out of the car. first started, it was all about he wanted to please Dale," said Tony Eury Sr., crew chief for Earnhardt -- and Earnhardt's uncle -- for his two Xfinity Series championships and first four Cup seasons. Earnhardt wanted to own a piece of a team, and that was an apparent conversation non-starter when his contract came up for renewal in 2006.

Earnhardt ended up leaving to drive for Rick Hendrick, who had a storied career as a car owner -- and once co-owned cars with Earnhardt's grandfather, Robert Gee."I never thought I would have an opportunity to race for a team like that, one of the best in the business," Earnhardt said.

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"And it's a wonder what we could have accomplished if we would have just focused on racing."But I'm pretty happy with it to be honest with you. By that time, he had lived two years without his father, who perished on the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500.

Earnhardt, who had co-owned Chance 2 Motorsports with DEI and won two Xfinity Series titles with Martin Truex Jr., had also already restructured his own racing team with his sister in charge.

It was called "JR Motorsports" and pronounced, at its inception, as "Jay Are" because he couldn't use "Junior" since Teresa owned the rights to his name through an agreement he had signed with DEI.

That pairing didn't work that well and Earnhardt fell into a dark place as far as his performance.

He knew two things kept him employed -- his last name, which brought sponsorship, and a never-give-up attitude of Hendrick, who couldn't stomach the idea of a legacy as a great owner who couldn't return the sport's favorite son to new heights."There were a few years where I wouldn't have blamed him if he had let me go or moved on to something else or made a change," Earnhardt said.

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