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“It’s a new beginning for me in every way,” she says.

“I’m looking forward to starting chapter two.”Rest assured, you’ll find all the factors that have helped her conquer the modern music scene, with 13 new songs that offer heart-on-sleeve songwriting, stellar musicianship and the ragged vocal that Classic Rock described as “juke-joint dirty and illicit, evoking Joplin, Jagger and a cigarette bobbing in a glass of bourbon”.

“He was a very tortured soul who had one of the most brutal lives of anyone I’ve ever known,” explains Dana of the patriarch commemorated in Faithful Sinner, one of the songs she wrote for the album.

“He was tortured by his father and molested by his mother.

Four nights a week, they shook the foundations until 3am, but there was already the sense they could be far more than a rocking covers band. In the studio, meanwhile, Dana and Jon planted their flag with 2003’s Lonely For A Lifetime: an opening gambit that fizzed with potential, splicing a ’60s Stax/Volt vibe with the driving grit of the Stones, and fusing the dark wit and wisdom of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Lucinda Williams.

“When I started hearing that stuff, at 10 or 11, I stopped listening to other music completely.The city had been the backdrop to the tragic death of Dana’s beloved elder sister, Donna.“She and my brother Don had a band, quite popular in the South.“We were a big family from New York, Irish-Catholic, there was no one like us in the area.I tended to gravitate more towards the African-American community.

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